Are You Ready?


John Macleod
John Macleod

Married to Denys, wife of my youth for over 47 years. We have four married sons with wives and families who love God.

God called me from 'businessman to watchman' with this message;

"My church is asleep.
I Am coming soon.
Give them my signs.
Tell them to get ready."

The aim of this website is not to predict 'that day and hour' but to help us understand the urgency of the hour..."Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping." We are commanded to watch, know and be ready in the season of his coming! (Mark 13:32,36)

Conditions in our world are extremely unstable and Christ will appear suddenly near the start of the 7 year Tribulation, before Antichrist "confirms the covenant" with Israel (2 Thes 2:6-8 Dan 9:27).

Are You Ready?

All the information on this website is free to use in furthering the kingdom of God.

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