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Jewish Calendar

100 Year Shmita Cycle

God's calendar (opposite) intersects with two of our Gregorian years. It is wise for us to attune our hearts with the times and feast dates that have been set down by God. In this way we gain understanding about current and future events.

God commands rest on the seventh day - Sabbath. This rest also applies to the cycles of weeks and years...the cycle of seven weeks (7x7) points to the 50th day - Pentecost. The cycle of seven sets of seven years (7x7 Shmita years) points to the 50th year - Jubilee. The year of Jubilee is based on letting the land rest every 7th year, known as the Shmita year. During this year God commands rest for both the farmer and the land..."But the seventh year thou shall let it rest and lie still." Exodus 23:11. Israel has two calendars; religious and civil. The Shmita is based on the civil calendar which always begins on the Feast of Trumpets (September/October). The Shmita is like a two edged sword. To the nation that upholds the ways of God it comes as a blessing. To the nation that turns its back on God the Shmita comes in the sign of judgment. The impact of the Shmita is the wiping away of that which has been built up. A Shmita reminds a nation that it's blessings and power come only from God - without them they must eventually fall.

Towers symbolize a nation's power and pride...this connection can be seen from the very first tower; "Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves..." Genesis 11:4. The prideful building of the Tower of Babel brought judgment. America is the most powerful nation in the history of the world. On April 30, 1789 George Washington prophetically declared that should America turn away from God, His blessings will be removed. The Shmita (judgment) and America converged on September 11, 2001 when the towers fell. The World Trade Centre was conceived in the Shmita of 1945, begun in the Shmita of 1966, was dedicated in the Shmita of 1973 and destroyed in the Shmita of 2001. This was a warning from God to come back to Him but the leaders of America quoted Isaiah 9:10 in defiance. "...Who say in pride and arrogance of heart: The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with hewn stones." When ancient Israel uttered these prideful words God brought judgment upon the land and that which was built up was wiped away. The new tower raised up from Ground Zero has a 40,000 pound "hewn" foundation stone. So, at the climax of the 2001 Shmita came two falls; a colossal collapse in Wall Street and the most physical collapse in American history as the two towers came crashing down to earth. Shmita years are behind the rise and fall of America. If the rise of a tower foreshadowed the rise of America, what does the fall of a tower foreshadow?

Let's take a look at the incredibly accurate timing of the Shmita Year as it impacts modern history in the realm of finances, economies and empires:
1901-1902 Shmita Year - 46% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.
1916-1917 Shmita Year - 40% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires collapsed. Britain, the world's greatest empire was almost bankrupt. The beginning of American to rise to world power. All during this one Shmita year.
1930-1931 Shmita Year - 86% U.S stock market value wiped out in the worst financial crisis in modern history.
1937-1938 Shmita Year - 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.
1944-1945 Shmita Year - End of German Reich and Britain's hold on territories. Establishment of America as the world's super power.
1965-1966 Shmita Year - 23% stock market value wiped out.
1972-1973 Shmita Year - 48% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession. U.S. Voted to kill its unborn children (Abortion legalized). U.S. lost its first war - Vietnam...
1979-1980 Shmita Year - U.S. and global recession.
1986-1987 Shmita Year - 33% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.
1993-1994 Shmita Year - Bond market crash.
2000-2001 Shmita Year - 37% U.S. stock market value wiped out. 9/11 and Global recession.
2007-2008 Shmita Year - 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.

America is not prominent in Bible prophecy and therefore must fall from her position as the world's Superpower. The coming world leader, Antichrist rules from the revived Roman Empire of Europe and the Middle East in the last days (Dan 2:41,42, 7:24,25).

Today's world is very Bible prophecy unfold before our very eyes!

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